Exclusive: Chad le Clos opens up after Rio 2016

Exclusive: Chad le Clos opens up after Rio 2016

Chad Le Clos, the darling of SA swimming joins us for his first and exclusive interview since his arrival back to South Africa.

Chad le clos interview
Finally, the early morning alarm clocks can rest with the Rio Olympics that came to an end on Sunday . Olympics 2016 had many highlights, and one standing out, in particular, was the encounter between Chad Le Clos vs Phelps.

Chad Le Clos competing in his second Olympics had the daunting task of defending his 200m butterfly gold against arguably the greatest Olympian of all time.

It may not have gone the way many of us wanted too but Chad still managed two medals to add to the two the set he got in London.

Chad was back in Durban after the games and he joined us on the show and for the first time spoke about THAT RACE and about his pre-race ritual that went viral.

Take a listen.

Darren Maule and Chad le Clos have a "Battle of the Bellies Challenge" (well, Chad doesn't have much of a belly. It's a six pack!!)

tummy Off

Chad looking rather intense!

Chad le Clos intense

Chad le Clos, his dad and The Breakfast Team

Chad le Clos with the team

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