ECR's top 10 reasons to go to Splashy Fen

ECR's top 10 reasons to go to Splashy Fen

An experience of a lifetime this Easter...

Splashy Fenners
Splashy Fenners/ Splashy Fen

Do you have concerns about heading down to Splashy Fen like some of the East Coast Breakfast team members?

Stu Berry from Splashy Fen shares some critical information with us that might change your perspective.

May we present SA’s friendliest festival, Splashy Fen.

South Africa’s longest-running music festival will take place over the traditional Easter weekend from Thursday, 28 March, to Monday, 1 April 2024, and a stellar line-up of local and international musicians has been released to get fans even more excited for a long weekend of LIVE entertainment.  

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Some of the East Coast Breakfast team have been apprehensive towards journeying to Splashy Fen, but there’s nothing like a call from the event organiser, Stu Berry, to get you even more stoked and excited for the special event.

Take a listen to what went down in studio: 

Enter Stu Barry, the charismatic event organiser of Splashy Fen, whose infectious enthusiasm and persuasive charm swept away their doubts like a refreshing breeze.

Here are East Coast Radio’s top 10 reasons to visit Splashy Fen:

  • There are hot showers - Contrary to popular belief, there is running water on the farm so that you can enjoy a shower. Additionally, there are serviced toilets and running water.
  • Precautions are taken against mud - Thousands of wood chips are laid around the farm to ensure there is no slipping and sliding on mud.
  • You can celebrate Easter - From spending time around like-minded people to visiting a Sunday service, Splashy has it all - plus a little birdie tells us that they even drop Easter eggs from the sky! 
  • Splashy is super child friendly - A specialised kid zone will keep your little one busy all day. The river is the perfect place to share a family moment on top of the various activities. 
  • You can charge your phone - There are charging stations and connection points that allow you to keep your gadgets juiced up. But it is encouraged to take a break from the screen and enjoy some time in nature. 
  • Try out glamping - Harambe Hotel puts the glam in camping. Enjoy the sweet luxuries of life while being part of the Splashy experience.
  • Food, drinks, and more are available - Don't enjoy packing? Splashy Fen has you sorted. Pick a fave, or sample them all, but be sure to try out the Acoustic Food Court and Craft Market.
  • All-in-one experience - No need to pay for all the extra activities. Your festival ticket gives you access to it all. Find out more here.
  • More than music - SA's friendliest festival is about more than music. It's a hub of activity, fun, and friends. Splashy Fen is not just a festival but a transformative experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

With unwavering optimism and the help of some annual Splashy attendees, Stu paints a vivid picture of the festival – vibrant music, camaraderie around camp, and the exhilarating thrill of embracing nature.

Here’s more on SA’s friendliest festival: 

Splashy Fen Line-up
Splashy Fen Line-up/ Splashy Fen

There is so much to do over the festival weekend. As a local Underberg resident, Andrew van Rensburg is the festival’s Creative Director and Site Creator. Van Rensburg spends most of his year tending to the Splashy Fen event space, making sure that when fans arrive on site there is hot water in the showers, the hip-high grass is cut, the roads are prepared, and the entire site is fully functional and ready to welcome over 6,000 fans for four days of fun!   

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“Join in an Easter service and egg hunt on Sunday,” says van Rensburg. “Try your hand at yoga on a SUP board in the icy but beautiful river, discover your new favourite cocktail at the Klipdrift Splashy Views, catch up with new friends over a cuppa and chocolate-stuffed-croissant in the Marley Coffee Village, feel like a VIP on our Splashy Balcony in the Main Stage area, charge your phone and chillax at the Peaceful Sleep Charging Station, get your festival hair done in the craft village, take the kids for a pony ride, enjoy a morning trail run, sleep in until late, dance around a bonfire under the stars, give belly dancing and drumming a go, buy and wear your Splashy merch with pride, and just get stuck into the magic of being out in the beautiful Underberg with music to listen to and friends to make memories with.” 


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