Durban mom's 'great escape' video gone viral!

Durban mom's 'great escape' video gone viral!

Watch this mom pull off the most skilled escape from the nursery after putting her baby to sleep!

DBN mom's great escape
Caryn Chelin Morris is Durban's latest internet sensation and inspiration to all parents!

We can only imagine how hard it is to put your bundle of (sometimes screaming and crying) joy to sleep, so it's only natural to do the reverse leopard crawl once the mission has been accomplished, right?

Tyrone Morris posted this CCTV footage of his wife, Caryn, showing all parents the 'greatest escape' of all time!

We called Caryn to ask her on her viral manovre and this what she had to say...

We also got Caryn husband on the line. He's the one responsible for this instant fame as he posted the video on Facebook...


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