DJ Khaled shares son's birth on Snapchat!

DJ Khaled shares son's birth on Snapchat!

The "Major Key" hit maker documents son's birth on Snap Chat, and I have a bone to pick - Keri Miller

DJ Khaled documents birth of his son on Snapchat

It's very uncommon for superstars to document children births for social media, in fact in most cases they try to keep it as private as possible, but not DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled couldn't wait to let the world know about his son's birth with fiance Nicole Tuck, so he took to Snap Chat to document the whole process. Anyone who follows him already knew the big news before major news outlets.

From doctor's meetings, some of his music, and to the first cry of his baby, DJ Khaled wanted us to know it all.


There is something though that isn't sitting quite right with me.... the LIVE coverage of the actual birth.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) also covered his child's birth live on social media, and quite frankly, I find it weird.
Don't you think that the Dad should be more 'present' in the moment?

Also, I can't even imagine trying to get a baby out AND have my other half videoing everything.


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Maybe I am a social media prude, but would YOU want your child's birth (and all the stuff the goes along with it) live on social media for the world to see?

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