Did Darren really say that?

Did Darren really say that?

It's equally shocking and exciting what Darren whispered under his breath before we left for our little holiday.

Did Darren really say that?
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In the final remarks when closing the show on Friday, 21 May, Darren did not whisper but rather confidently and swiftly called Anna his 'wife'. 

Wedding bells ringing for the couple, perhaps? 

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The couple have been together for 22 months now and it might not be such a bad idea. On today's show, we found out if he meant it or not: 

Can you imagine Darren as a husband? Wives and husbands always categorise their partners into their most frequent actions or traits in the marriage. We asked you guys where you think he'll fall into: 

Most of you guys replied that he'd be a romantic. That's a little pressure for the young man, isn't it? 

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Well, since Sky and Keri made the deal to get married if Darren and Anna got married, it would be interesting to have a double wedding on the show! 

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