Daron goes to Ukraine: Behind enemy lions updates

Daron goes to Ukraine: Behind enemy lions updates

Daron Mann is on a quest to save Lions from Ukraine

Daron Man- Behind enemy lines
YouTube: Daron Mann

26 May update:

Daron talks about how the nine Lions have traveled the long trip from Ukraine to make it to Romania where there are in their temporary home/enclosure until the necessary paperwork is completed. 

That will only happen after a few months time. Here's a look at the entire team got up to during this time.

25 May update:

Daron has the Lions with him. They are sedated and being put on the trucks ready to get going. 

Being sedated for so long, the lions have been feeling quite "groggy". So was the rest of the team having been awake since 06:00 am. 

Have a look at some of the images as well as his thoughts on D-Day! 

24 May update:

It was finally here, D-DAY! They made their crossing for Romina to the southern part of Ukraine. 

The 9 Lions were there and ready to be rescued. The team was late because of delays at the border which caused about three hours delay. 

Hear more of what happened as well as pictures of what it exactly looks like over there!

20 May update:

Daron Mann is still in Bucharest, still doing lots of admin. 

He also went to fetch the trucks that will be transporting the Lions plus there is some interesting trivia about what radio station he would listen too while his in Europe!

19 May update:

Daron is in Bucharest/Romania, using the day to plan and prep to hit the road north of Romanian interior.

There will be a lot of stops along the way to collect special cages for these lions. There are also pictures of the money that he and his crew are using to make payments. 

The podcast shares all his of his journey thus far: 

The money that is used by Daron and his crew to get by.
The money that is used by Daron and his crew to get by.. Image: Daron Mann

18 May update:

Daron Mann is on a quest to go and save Lions in Ukraine. 

On this episode embarking on a journey to Ukraine, Daron Mann is in Istanbul. They have a long layover before himself and the crew go again for the quest to save the Lions. 

Everyday we will be giving you updates on Daron's journey this week. 

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Have a listen to the podcast on all updates on his journey below.

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