Cute or strange? One eyed dog born in central Thailand

Cute or strange? One-eyed dog born in central Thailand

Named after the minion Kevin from 'Despicable Me', the one-eyed pup was born earlier this month.

dog with one eye
Screenshot: Mail Online

According to Mirror Online, the pup is known as a 'cyclops' puppy and Thai villagers labelled the little pup 'lucky'.

Naming him wasn't an issue. Their inspiration came from the popular movie franchise 'Despicable Me', which features a minion called Kevin.

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The owners are hoping the little pup survives through its deformity and grows up to be healthy. It is uncertain if Kevin will be able to see, as it takes about two months for a dog's sight to fully develop.

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Villagers have been delighted with the birth of Kevin and are even using his birth date as a lottery number.

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