'Crush' is the new feature on Facebook

'Crush' is the new feature on Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg has announced a new feature, called 'Facebook Secret Crush', which allows users to let their crushes know that they're interested in them.


Listen to the podcast or read the details below: 

It's yet to be rolled out in South Africa, but the Facebook boss has gifted his loyal users with the greatest gift of all: love. It gives you a chance to tell nine people that you like them but are too embarrassed to admit to IRL.

How does it work? 

To use Facebook Secret Crush, you select up to nine people you're Facebook friends with and have a crush on. Then, according to Mercury News, if any of them list you as their crush, you'll get a Facebook notification. If you don't both like each other, then they'll never know you listed them — it's a lot like many dating apps, except it's Facebook, so they already know everything about you. 

You have to be signed up for Facebook Dating to use it, according to techcrunch.com. Facebook Dating is currently available in five countries but will soon be available in 19, so there should be a lot of crushes going around.

Some listeners in KZN don't seem too keen on the feature, and prefer the old-fashioned way of letting someone know that you are interested, whilst others think it will be great.

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What do you think of the new feature, would you use it? 

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