Create the ultimate lockdown Easter egg hunt at home

Create the ultimate lockdown Easter egg hunt at home

It's that time of the year, where the hunting for delicious East treats begins. We going to help you create the ultimate East Egg hunt with all things in your home!

Easter eggs
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The kids have been at home for some time now, and we know that you probably almost done with the ideas 'I'm Bored Jar for Kids', why not create an Easter Egg hunt in your own home.

Parents, you have to wake up early to prepare the hunt for your kids. Write a note explaining the hunt and leave it for the kids to read when they wake up.

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The note should include what they are looking for, what the reward is and clues to each item. We suggest hiding two or three of your kids favourite items/toys with that, give them clues on where to find it.

Once they have found it, the kids need to bring it back to mom and dad as proof in order to get the last instructions to complete the final leg of the hunt by to find the Easter egg basket which consists of anything you want it to be.

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If you don't have much to put in the basket, make something from what you have in the cupboard so the whole family can enjoy!

The first kid that brings back the basket of treats is the winner! 

Ready to hunt? Let the lockdown Easter Egg Hunt begin 

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