Couple fake engagement to get free drinks on holiday

Couple fake engagement to get free drinks on holiday

Couples love to do fun things to create wonderful memories in their relationship, but for this couple, we think they may have taken it too far...

corinne and adam
Screenshot: Briefly

Accordingly to Briefly, Corinne Miller and Adam Carroll decided to fake their own engagement while on a trip to Atlanta so that they could get free drinks from strangers - and it worked!

Miller and Carroll even asked the bartender and another drinker to go along with their plan. After receiving a few drinks at the first bar, they proceeded to another bar to toast their engagement. 

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fake engagement
Screenshot: Briefly

It was humourous and something the couple won't forget easily.

But there was something Miller was not expecting - to really be engaged six months later. Carroll proposed to Miller at a bar surrounded by their family and friends, and the happy lady said "yes".

The couple had been best friends for eight years before they started a romantic relationship. 

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