The controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma

The controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma

Another painting about President Jacob Zuma has sparked major controversy. This one is titled ‘Spear Down My Throat (The Pornography Of Power)’. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT…

The controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma

A debate is raging online over an extremely graphic work of art by SA artist Ayanda Mabulu. 

Spear Down My Throat (The Pornography of Power) depicts President Jacob Zuma with his penis down the throat of a woman. The painting also shows a hyena, in a Victorian suit, behind the woman who is being milked into an urn with an ANC label. 

The woman is said to represent South Africa. 

Mabulu has told Culture Review Magazine that he has been trying to find ways to define and express how he feels about the political situation in the country. 

Mabulu candidly addede that he feels, “like the country is being turned into a slut, andthis young democracy of ours is being molested in many ways and raped continuously.”

“I feel like our leaders have been turned into a lynch clan. We have been robbed out of what’s rightfully ours,” he said. 

Mabulu feels that, “Parliament resembles a circus, and in a circus you will see hyenas laughing.”

His provocative artwork has garnered attention from across the country. Many people feel the painting is disrespectful and degrades and humiliates the president. Others say while the artist has taken the extreme approach, his message does come across. 

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WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT (not for sensitive viewers)

The controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma

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