Contractual marriage: A new option for millennials?
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Contractual marriage: A new option for millennials?

With the fast pace world that we're living in, apps and the internet have taken over the dating scene, but is a 10-year marital contract the way to go for the 'Tinder generation'?

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With the world shifting at a fast pace, people are starting to ask the inevitable question: Is there a more modern way to do marriage? One idea being tossed around is the idea of a ten-year wedding contract. 

According to Times Live, the marriage will see couples draw up a contract and lay out their mutual goals for the relationship. They negotiate the financial terms during the relationship, and what would happen should it end. Same goes for plans and outcomes for any kids involved. They then sign on the dotted line and agree to stay together for a decade.

Year nine marks the re-evaluation phase. They either choose to shake hands and go their separate ways with everything pre-worked out, avoiding any animosity, or they renegotiate the terms on a new ten-year contract, including updated financial and emotional terms and conditions.

Could this be a new stress-free way of marriage?

Do you believe that marriage has an expiry date or should it be forever? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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