Comrades Marathon goes the extra mile for this April Fool's prank

Comrades Marathon goes the extra mile for this April Fool's prank

Could this be the prank of the year?

Comrades logo
Comrades logo / Facebook

This April Fool's we have seen custard pilchards, Chuckles make-up, and many more pranks. However, one organisation takes the cake in KZN for their epic prank.ย 

The Comrades Marathonย is known for their clear and effective communication, specifically around the race route. Runners and running enthusiasts from all around the world have their eyes glued to their screens for updates around this world class race.ย 

The prank can definitely be counted as successful as seen by how users had to look to the comments for verification on this trick.ย Take a look at the post that caused the online commotion:

Comrades April fool's post
Comrades April fool's post / Facebook

As seen in the post above, the marathon team shared that the route distance has been revised.

Runners meticulously prepare for the exact distance, making a change so late in the game race-defining.ย 

Luckily, the athletes caught on to this hilarious stunt.ย 

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Take a look at what SA had to say about this laughable situation:ย 

  • "It'sย 89km, Thank you. We don't read decimals here"
  • "Air, I've trained for 85 please, revise it back"
  • "Here I was busy sleeping in my room and boom, I have to learn to run in loops now"
  • "Comrades runners are going through a lot this time of year, don't do them like this"
  • "Only in South Africa"


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