Common myths and beliefs about snakes

Common myths and beliefs about snakes

There's no doubt that snakes are feared around the world, but most of the time, this is caused by the many myths and beliefs that are spread. Ever heard that snakes move in pairs or as a family? Is this true? This is one of the beliefs that seasoned snake catcher Nick Evans discusses and many others on this episode of Snake Rescue Extra.

snake myths
Nick Evans

According to Nick, the only time we see snakes together is in the mating season.

"When the mother snake lays her eggs, she leaves them. So if a black mamba or a spitting cobra lays their eggs, they do not protect them... the only exception to this is the python. Pythons guard their eggs and when the babies hatch they stay with them for a few days, but once those babies disperse, that's it, they leave them," Nick explains.

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Listen to the podcast below as Nick Evans debunks more myths about snakes.

snake myths
Nick Evans debunks more myths in this picture

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