#ChallengeMeChooseDay: The try-not-to-laugh challenge

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: The try-not-to-laugh challenge

Every Tuesday, we will put the team through a new challenge to see who is the quickest, smartest, and most spontaneous of the bunch. This week, we're sure they'll all lose this one.

lisanne balloons pic
Lisanne Lazarus

This morning's challenge was one like no other. It was strategically set up for all three of them to fail!

Darren, Keri, and Sky do enjoy a little giggle, but more so when they're giggling at someone else, so we got our traffic reporter Jayshree Parasuraman to eat some helium compliments of Balloon Magic ([email protected]) and do a complete traffic report sounding like Mickey Mouse.

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The person who laughs first loses. The person who laughs last, just as the idiom says, laughs the best and gets to choose a gourmet-flavoured jelly bean for someone from the team to eat.

Here's what happened:

Darren lost this week... again! Keri got to choose a bean for him to eat and it just happened to be 'dead fish' flavour. Well, you saw for yourself, Darren was not impressed but he's also now determined to win next week's challenge.

Got a challenge you'd like the team to try? Drop us a comment below and we could be doing your challenge next week. 

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