Carmen: “Heart-shaped pizzas are the thing this V-day”

Carmen: “Heart-shaped pizzas are the thing this V-day”

Try out this viral trend like East Coast Breakfast did...

Heart shaped pizza
Heart shaped pizza/ Canva

It’s the season of love and with that comes a bucketload of gifts, celebrations, and discoveries. 

This week on East Coast Breakfast, Sky and Carmen have been trying to help Darren figure out what his love language is. 

Finally, a very attentive listener (and waiter), determined that Darren's love language is 100%... PIZZA! One thing led to another, and now East Coast Breakfast will be dedicated to making and tasting pizzas this morning.

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Not just any pizzas, these pizzas are a viral trend where they come out heart-shaped in the spirit of love month. Plus they are all decorated with toppings from Thompson's Meats

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Check out some videos on the viral heart-shaped pizzas: 

@fleurvdschaaf Making some heart shaped pizza 💌🍕❤️ #heartpizza #heartpizzarecipe #datenight #dateideas #boyfriend #couplegoals #netflixandchill #daten #lovestory #pizza #pizzanight #makingpizza ♬ original sound - logan
@garylincoln36 How to make a heart shaped pizza 🍕❤️😊 #pizza #fyp #valentinesday #foryou #allaboutthecrust #viral_video ♬ original sound - Gary Lincoln
@archivedchef 🍕💕 #CloseYourRings #archivedchef #pizza #vday #valentines #pizzarecipe #foodtiktok #foodtok ♬ original sound - Archived Chef 🍯

Stay tuned as we dive into the science behind love languages and how what you do this Valentine's Day can leave a lasting mark on your lover.

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