Can you guess what this strange-looking creature is?

Can you guess what this strange creature is?

This will make your skin crawl! Find out what it actually is...

Guess the creature

The internet has gone into a tizz trying to figure out what this weird-looking creature is. It seemingly has three eyes, snake-like skin, and two heads!

What is it?

According to IndianExpress, this funny looking fella is actually a caterpillar. Yes, it's a caterpillar!

The pictures and videos of the tiny elephant hawk moth caterpillar (yes, that's its name) was posted on Facebook by a Spanish woman, Lujan Eroles, who had the shock of her life when she came across it.

Warning: This is really not for sensitive viewers.

The caterpillar often assumes a ‘snake’s disguise’ to ward off predators.

Wow, we learn something new every day!

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