Can you get Covid-19 from pets or poultry?

Can you get Covid-19 from pets or poultry?

Professor Tulio de Oliveira is the director of the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform (KRISP) at UKZN. He joins us for another Covid-19 information session.

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Listen to the full interview here: 

This week, Professor Oliveira is back with more facts and figures on Covid-19. Last week, he told us about the programme that he is spearheading. He and his multi-disciplinary team of world-renowned experts mainly focus on analysis and control of viral outbreaks and genomic analysis.

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This week he spoke to Darren about the numbers in South Africa compared to Sweden and other countries. Numbers show that South Africa is coping with the pandemic quite efficiently.

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Here is a video of mortality supplied by Prof Oliveira: 

Below is the comparison of demographic, health resource, and COVID-19 indicators for South Africa and nine other countries:

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Listen to the podcast above for the very informative chat with Prof Oliveira.

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