Cake undergoes "nipple test" on Instagram

Cake undergoes "nipple test" on Instagram

Technology never loved us...or this innocent "Easter" cake.

Cake undergoes "nipple test" on Instagram

Chef Fiona Mosely tweeted that her mother's Instagram account has been disabled for pornographic content after she posted a photo of a cake Fiona made for Easter.

Mosely told reporters that the cake was not meant to look like nipples at all, it was simply just a simple Simnel cake.

Fiona's mother appealed the decision as she was unsure why it happened in the first placed.

The response she received said they she had violated the community guidelines and they ''disable accounts that post content that is sexually suggestive or contain nudity''.

Dear @instagram this is a cake, not a boob #censorednipples #boobgate #givemymumbackherinstagramaccount @suemoseley

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Is there anything pornographic about this cake?

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