Bowling champion with disability joins Keri on her couch

Bowling champion with disability joins Keri on her couch

"Vivacious, sweet, down-to-earth, and positive beyond all measure. This is how you could describe Vicky Van Der Merwe," says Keri Miller.

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Listen to the audio and read the story below: 

Imagine how your world would be turned upside down if you woke up one day, in the prime of your life, unable to walk. This is exactly what happened to this wife and mother when, after multiple back surgeries, her feet simply stopped functioning.

But did this stop Vicky from ‘marching’ forward as the mom and wife her family and friends knew? Not at all! Not only did Vicky accept her new normal, but she also took up ‘disabled bowls’, and in her very first competition – she won gold!

We chatted about bowls - and how it’s actually not only for old people, and how she feels about her body. We also took on the tough subject of whether her kids have ever felt ‘ashamed’ of her, and I had to ask, has this disability affected her and her husband’s intimacy?

Today on Keri’s Couch, we meet Vicky Van Der Merwe - full interview in the podcast.

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