Book your flight in 10 minutes with Kulula's newest app

Book your flight in 10 minutes with Kulula's newest app

Booking a flight won't take 20+ minutes anymore...


There are multiple airlines in our country and we appreciate the variety. Fortunately, some are progressing in terms of convenience for their consumers. And we love to see it!

Kulula has presented their new mobile app, which is expected to be the "quickest, easiest way to book a flight". 

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The app is built in a similar way as Google Maps or Gmail. 

“The microservices sit on containers, able to scale up or down immediately, such as when there’s a rush on tickets for holiday specials. There are no more ‘waiting rooms’ or frozen pages.

“We’ve created a Cloud-centric rather than a standalone app. Using Flutter and Firebase rather than Xamarin is a gamechanger due to cost and ease of use. The end product may look the same, but there’s a big difference in the back-end," the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Comair Limited, Avsharn Bachoo, said.

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You will get to enjoy flexible fare options as they introduce three bundled affordable fare offerings  Fly Light, Pack & Go, and Fully Loaded.

Fly Light is a hop-on, hop-off option that includes a change-of-booking fee of R299. 

Pack & Go is an all-around option with one piece of checked luggage weighing up to 20kg and two free booking changes.

Fully Loaded is a flexible option with unlimited booking changes, two checked bags, and Q-Jump to speed up check-in procedures.

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Bachoo said that booking a flight used to take customers about 23 minutes. 

“The app provides you with every piece of information that matters and has a simple, attractive interface to shop, book and check in for your flight.

“We have been listening to our customers’ feedback over the past year, and we’re pleased to launch this app at a time when we can really help make air travel easier and more enjoyable for our customers,” he concluded. 

Well, somebody call the team to an outside broadcast in another province or country so we can test the new app. We love the convenience! 


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