Back To School lunch is on us! Budget-friendly and easy to make

Back To School lunch is on us! Budget-friendly and easy to make

Lunch planning can be stressful when you are hanging on by a thread for payday and school fees have left your bank balance dry. 

A child's hands eating from a healthy lunch box for school
A child's hands eating from a healthy lunch box for school/iStock/Vaaseenaa

No one ever says they are tired of hearing 'budget-friendly food ideas'. And as the kids head off to school again for another year of challenges, you want to give them the best you can without compromising on quality. 

One of the best things you can do for your kids is feed them well. After all, that is part and parcel of ensuring they consume what they are learning. 

But healthy eating sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. As they say, anything good doesn't come cheap. 

However, it is important to note that there are ways around beating the price tags. Don't take the easy way out and buy takeout, instead plan out your lunch meals. 

Never discount how planning can help you save money. Planning your lunch meals out can help you take advantage of in-store specials. For instance, some stores have midweek market days where they sell fruits and veggies for as little as R10. 

And the best part of these deals is you pay a fraction of the price for a week's worth of food. 

Snacks are a great way of ensuring your kids stay full and energetic. Making homemade snacks such as muffins and granola bars can save you heaps. These snacks don't require expensive ingredients and don't take long to make. 

Another thing to never discount is leftovers. Put your supper leftovers to good use by packing them for lunch the day after. 

Jazz up roast chicken into a chicken and mayo sandwich, or repurpose a curry into a toasted sarmie. 

This is why planning is such an integral step in lunches. It not only helps you budget effectively, but it also helps you reduce waste. 



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