Is this the Aussie Loch Ness monster?

Is this the Aussie Loch Ness monster?

A bizarre looking creature that looked like a cross between a giant snake and a crocodile was found washed up near Swansea on Lake Macquarie over the weekend.

Loch ness monster

Is this really the "Aussie Nessy" somehow related to the mythical Scottish creature?

Ethan Tippa posted a picture of the monstrous looking creature on Facebook, and the picture has received a viral attraction.

After creating a stir over the past few days it turns out the creature is in fact, simply a large pike eel.

Loch ness aussie

A Department of Primary Industries spokesman said:

"Judging by the size it is believed that the eel was mature and may have died from natural causes," the spokesman said.

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