#Amashova 2017: Darren Maule vs Bongani Mtolo

#Amashova 2017: Darren Maule vs Bongani Mtolo

It's Breakfast vs Drive this year at the #Amashova - who will finish the cycling race first?

darren vs ongani amashova

The Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic is back and this time Darren Maule has new competition! 

The Amashova Durban Classic is a one-day road cycling race with three distances. It takes place in Pietermaritzburg, and promises to be a day of fun in the sun.

Thanks to a little nudge from Sky Tshabalala, Darren has challenged Bongani from East Coast Drive to a cycle race at the #Amashova on 22 October.

Who do you think will take the win?

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