All dressed up in suits and ties

All dressed up in suits and ties

The entire team suited up yesterday and we asked you to vote for Best Dressed. Find out who the bragging rights belong to here. 

the team

Extensive research has proven that every great idea that ended up as awesome was pulled out of the pocket of a suit.

So the entire team decided to shine their shoes, press their pants and suit up because yesterday was International Suit Up day.

We took a couple of pictures and asked you to vote for Best Dressed. 

Your votes were calculated and we can reveal who the winner is. 

See whose attire belonged to who and who you voted as Best Dressed: 

1. James


2. Jason 

suite up

3.  Tanya

suit up
suit up

4. Darren 

suite upp

5. MiC

suit upp

6. Natarah 

suit up

7. And the winner Sky Tshabalala (The T is silent)

suit up

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