AKA surprises his mom with a BMW too

AKA surprises his mom with a BMW too

Is BMW giving away free BMW's to celeb's moms or has everyone caught the Minnie Dlamini bug?

AKA buys his mom a car

Just a few days ago Minnie Dlamini surprised her mother with a BMW capturing the touching moment on camera and sharing it on social media.

While many criticise her for seeking for attention through a great gesture for her parents, others praised her for a job well done in gifting her parents.

Just yesterday, Supa Mega-rapper AKA also decided to get his mom a car.....yep, it's also a BMW. The artist too to twitter to share the 'Ncaarr' moment.

Who's next? We'll just wait and see.

After Twitter came at the star saying he's stealing Minnie Dlamini's shine, a friend defended him saying:

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