#5Things: US inauguration, loadshedding woes, Pfizer's attempt to reach SA, and more

#5Things: US inauguration, loadshedding woes, Pfizer's attempt to reach SA, and more

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1. Inauguration Update 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice-President of the United States, respectively, at the West Front of the US Capitol on Wednesday. Due to the recent siege on Capitol Hill and the COVID-19 pandemic, the event took place amidst heightened security and a sparse crowd. The entire ceremony was live streamed.

2. Loadshedding woes could increase even more - Energy Analyst

A leading energy analyst has warned that South Africa must brace for what could be the worst bout of load shedding in Eskom’s 97-year history in 2021. Energy analyst Ted Blom said the “corruption, incompetence and ineptitude” which had plagued Eskom since the early 2000s had led to the current state of disrepair. 

3. Low-flying helicopter hits truck during Dakar Rally

Anton Shibalov’s Kamaz had a close shave at the Dakar Rally when he was hit mid-race by a low-flying helicopter.  The YouTube video shows the chopper attempting an overhead fly-by when the vehicle suddenly gets some air off a large sand dune, sending it flying up and into the underside of the helicopter.

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4. Man spends R6,000 at the vet, finds out dog imitated his injury out of sympathy

A British man said he spent about $400 (R6,000) to have a veterinarian examine his dog's limp, but it turned out the canine was just imitating his owner, who had a broken ankle. Russell Jones posted the video on his Facebook page.

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5. Pfizer unsuccessfully tried for months to open negotiations with SA to provide its COVID-19 vaccine

A Pfizer employee revealed that they repeatedly tried to get in touch with SA health officials over a period of several months after an initial meeting in July 2020 regarding COVID-19 vaccines. In a leaked phone call, it was stated that the government only showed urgency around vaccine talks late last year.

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