2,137-year-old 'iPhone' found by archeologists in grave of woman

2,137-year-old 'iPhone' found by archeologists in grave of woman

From discovering dinosaur bones to ancient artefacts, archaeologists have now found an iPhone - over 2,000 years later. 

old iphone

At a burial site known as 'The Russian Atlantis,' archaeologists have now uncovered a black rectangular object that looks very similar to an iPhone. 

In a 2137-year-old grave in the mountains of Siberia, the 'iPhone' was discovered alongside a woman's skeleton. It has inlaid decorations of carnelian, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise which looks like a fancy phone protector.

The object, made from black gemstone jet rock, is actually a fashionable belt buckle. Archaeologists believe the buckle dates back to the Xiongnu empire, which was comprised of nomads who ruled the area from 3 BCE to 1 AD.

Fast forward 2000-years-later, Apple released their 11th iPhone, which could be their best invention yet in terms of its camera-capturing abilities. 

Talk about longevity! The designer and manufacturer should be proud.

Watch the discovery here:

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