1500-year-old Adidas sneakers proof of time travel?

1500-year-old Adidas sneakers proof of time travel?

Ok, maybe time travel is a bit of stretch, but could explain these mummified sneakers?

1500-year-old Adidas sneakers proof of time travel?

A Mongolian mummy was uncovered in the Altai Mountains of Siberia next to the remains of a horse, a pillow, and a sheep’s head.

It's an usual discovery, but not just because these incredibly well-preserved belongings give us an unprecedented glimpse into life on the mountains some 1,500 years ago.

Archaeologists also suspect that this is one of the first complete burials ever found of a Turkik person - a vast collection of ethnic groups that spanned Central Asia and Siberia during the 6th century BC.

The mummy, which was found at the bottom of a 3-metre-deep grave at an altitude of about 2,803 metres, is still wrapped in felt, and the next task for Sukhbaatar and his team is to very carefully unravel everything to confirm its gender.

But right now, it’s suspected that the remains belonged to a woman, simply because of the fact that they were not buried alongside a bow.
Mummfied belongings

Embroidered bag. Credit: Khovd Museum

The results of the find have yet to be properly analysed and published, but we should see a more detailed analysis from the team in the coming months.

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