13-years of awkward family greeting cards

13-years of awkward family greeting cards

This family has been making these amazingly awkward Christmas cards for 13 years.

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Mike Bergeron, 42, and his wife, Laura, from Aliso Viejo, California, have been making these amazing Christmas cards for years.

The couple share their inherently awkward nature by parodying films or TV series of past era as themes for their Christmas card tradition for the past 13 years.

The couple share how highly anticipated their cards are from friends and family that it puts pressure on them to make the cards funnier and thanks to social media they have created a business from their part time hobby.

Here are some of their quirky Christmas greeting cards over the years:

Christmas in Dallas

card 1

College greetings

card 2

Red sweater

card 3

New addition to the family

card 4


card 5

Goofy nerds

card 6

Amish greetings


Dark Christmas

card 8

Reversed roles

card 9

Do you have a weird family tradition that you do every festive season? 

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