Feel the love with J Sbu's newly released single, 'Uthandolwakho'

Feel the love with J Sbu's newly released single, 'Uthandolwakho'

He's not just a Radio Presenter. J Sbu has produced a new single, and we've got the scoop on it.

J Sbu's Uthandolwakho / Instagram (jsbuofficial)
J Sbu's Uthandolwakho / Instagram (jsbuofficial)

You may know him as your Early Breakfast Show host (Monday to Friday from 4:00am to 6:00am) and the guy with an infectious smile - as well as good hair, but what you may not know is that this jock also has a love for producing music.

According to J Sbu, he has always been in love with music, and finds that it's the 'connection that brings people together'. 

It is this love for music which prompted him to produce and release a single, titled 'Uthandolwakho' (translated into 'Your Love'), that features the likes of Sanele Mkhize and Colours of Sound. 

When speaking about the song, J Sbu explained the meaning behind the heartfelt melody. 

"This multi-lingual single speaks of finding love and wanting to be loved and accepted by your partner, friends, and family members. It portrays the different scenarios of being and staying in love.  It addresses the vacuum left by a disconnection in love. Although it’s a romantic type of song, it allows you to dance to the beats in the background," he said. 

He also added that the song has the ability to be heard in different settings. 

"It is a beat perfect for a chilled lazy Sunday but also good for your club scene and rocks the radio. It's quite a track," he concluded. 

As part of the promotion of the song, there is also a 'Uthandolwakho Tour' planned, which will see J Sbu visit campuses and hotspots - basically taking the sound to the people of KZN.

jsbu tour dates

The song is upbeat, contagious, and is the perfect sing-a-long track that can be shared by all. 

Listen to the track below:

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