Watch: Deon Govender gets emotional, opens up about losing his dad
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Watch: Deon Govender gets emotional, opens up about losing his dad

In a recent live video in his #ConfessionsOfADJ feature on his social media, Deon Govender, openly spoke about losing his mom and his dad, and the emotions that went with it. 

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Deon Govender / Facebook live

The last few weeks have not been easy for Deon. He recently took to his Instagram to share the devastating news of the death of his dad. 

"Life well Lived! Thank you Dad for teaching me the ways of the Lord and showing me so much values that I have learnt from you. Your life is a testimony of Faith, Love and Hope and Heaven has been rewarded with an Angel. I already miss you so much and I love you Dad," he said in a post. 

In a series of posts following the heartbreaking announcement, the popular DJ and East Coast Party People presenter shared with his fans how instrumental his dad was in making him the man he is today. 

Every week on his Facebook page, Deon shares a video titled #ConfessionsOfADJ where he talks about what's going on in his life.

In a recent 17-minute video, Deon spoke about how difficult the past few weeks have been leading up to his dad's death, and he also relived how he felt when he lost his mom a few years back. 

The post received a wave of comments and support from his fans sharing their love and also commending him for being so brave in using this experience to help others who have lost loved ones.

The video is uncut, unedited, and will show you a different side to the man behind the mic. 

Watch the emotional live video below:

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