Woman pays almost R300 for pasta at Durban restaurant

Woman pays almost R300 for pasta at Durban restaurant

Advice from a pasta lover: Always check the price...

Plate of spaghetti on a table
Plate of spaghetti on a table/Pexels/@cottonbro studio

There's nothing quite like taking advantage of a restaurant's food 'special', especially when that special involves pasta. 

A Durban mom named Mbaleah decided to take advantage of a lunchtime special at a restaurant in Westville. For just R109, you could choose from an array of pastas. 

The special can be enjoyed by diners between a Monday and Friday until 4pm, excluding public holidays. 

Mom Mbaleah decided to dine out with her son and take advantage of the R109 pasta special, but she made the mistake of asking the waiter for his recommendation. 

She was so taken away by the experience that she assumed his recommendation was a part of the R109 special. Little did she realise that was not the case. 

After videoing her experience with her son, she got the bill, and things changed. She realised she paid more than she expected for the pasta. A whole R159 more than what she bargained for. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@mbaleah Im still feeling chest pains 🥹 Pasta has a notoriously high profit margin. R268 for a seafood pasta with tiny prawns isn’t justifiable but damn was it flavourful 🤌🏽 I should have asked for the price of the recommendation, but judging by their menu, the average price of a pasta is around R150. An extra R100 seemed unlikely. 🤓 Other than that, great service, cafe latte was perfect and so was my son’s chocolate milkshake. #durbanrestuarants #lupa #luparestuarant #lupaosteria #luparestuarants #durbanitalianfood #italianfood #italianfooddurban #durbanfood #durbanactivities #durbanplacestoeat #placestoeat #placestoeatindurban #durbantiktok #durbancreators #durban ♬ original sound - mbaleah

Let the record state that Mbaleah was happy with her experience outside of the price she paid for the pasta. Lesson learned!

At least she has a great story to tell at the next dinner party: "I paid almost R300 for a bowl of pasta."

Hmmm... maybe it's a good day to go and check out that R109 special...

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