South African abroad shares voting experience

South African abroad shares voting experience

This is the type of togetherness we love to see...

A large crowd of South Africans in London waiting to vote
A large crowd of South Africans in London waiting to vote/Instagram Screenshot/@brandon_haye

The National Elections can be a sensitive topic for many South Africans. 

But it is also a time to celebrate our right to vote. A time to think about the wins that have occurred over the years that have allowed all South Africans to exercise their vote for a better country. 

One South African, Brandon Haye, shared a patriotic video, and believe it or not it wasn't even in South Africa. 

In a video shared on Instagram, Haye shares the many, many, many South Africans who convened in London to vote last week. 

As you might know, South Africans living abroad were allowed to vote in their respective countries last week. It was inspiring to see so many South Africans queue up in London, England to make their mark. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram.  

Brandon shared a big reason he left his beloved country, South Africa, in another video on his page. He loves to travel and living abroad has allowed him to travel more easily. 

His video got many other South Africans talking about the reason they left home, and it's not because of hate or government, it's just an easier way for them to see the rest of the world. 

  • "As a South African it is difficult to explain to people why you left. We don't hate SA! It just limits us interms of travel. Completely agree"
  • "Been to 32 countries and SA is still the top"
  • "Been in Europe for 25 years, still no better place than South Africa"
  • "Exact same reason why I left. I appreciate so much all the places I get get to so easily now. Wonderous. (SA is still most beautiful)"

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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