Non-profit turns plastic from landfills into furniture

Non-profit turns plastic from landfills into furniture

This is the type of innovation that we need more of in the world...

A river filled with trash in Bali Indonesia
A river filled with trash in Bali Indonesia/Instagram Screenshot/@gabriel.desanti

Despite the horrifying smells, sights, and deaths that pollution causes, over the years there have been many people who have proven that these can be transformed into something beautiful. 

A Non-Profit Organisation called Sungai Watch made just over $1,000,000 last year just by collecting trash. 

Sam Bencheghib did a video with the content creator Gabriel Desanti, a man who asks people how much they make in a year. 

Gabriel approached Sam while he was cleaning up trash in a landfill. The landfill was filled with things like plastic, diapers, old food, and more...

What was interesting to see was what Sam and his team manufacture with the plastic that they collect. Roughly 36% of the trash that they collect is plastic and after sorting they take the plastic and transform it into furniture. 

Sam shared that the lack of waste management infrastructure in Indonesia is what causes the overabundance of pollution. It is inspiring to see how they take the trash and transform it into something usable and easy on the eye, which can also make them money to fund their trash collection. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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