Mother kidnaps a girl who she thought would be perfect for her son

Mother kidnaps a girl who she thought would be perfect for her son

We've heard some crazy stories over the years, but this one is right up there...

An armed man kidnapping a girl with a backpack
An armed man kidnapping a girl with a backpack/iStock/@howtogoto

A Chinese mother cooked up an outrageous plan to kidnap a young girl whom she deemed 'wife material' for her son. 

The mother met a young girl in the village of Liupanshui city in the southwestern province of Guizhou, China. After asking for the 11-year-old's hand in marriage on behalf of her 27-year-old son and getting rejected, she devised a plan to kidnap the young girl. 

Yes, that sounds as crazy as it was. Not long after the girl's father rejected the woman's proposal, the determined Chinese mother and her son planned their abduction of the girl. 

This throwback story from 2023 is a great reminder to parents and kids that the statistics behind kidnapping are real. 

"On February 14, when the girl was alone at home in Liupanshui, Yang abducted her, and the son took her back to their home in Yunnan. Yang was arrested on February 20, and her son turned himself in four days later. By which time, the girl had spent four days in their home." (South China Morning Post)

The case attracted a lot of attention online. Over and above the outrageous motive from the mother and son, it was the court that was receiving some backlash from communities. 

According to the South China Morning Post, there was much leniency when it came to the sentencing for child abduction. 

Posts revealed that the mother and son received seven months. We agree that is way too lenient. 

"China has an ancient tradition of child brides, known as tong yang xi, where a family adopts a pre-adolescent girl to raise her as a future wife for one of their sons. Despite being banned in 1950, the practice continues in rural areas, which leads to girls being kidnapped." (SCMP)

Watch the video below from YouTube that shares some tips on how to survive a kidnapping:

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Image Courtesy of iStock/howtogoto

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