This guy was a crowd pleaser doing the Mnike Dance

This guy was a crowd pleaser doing the Mnike Dance

When you don't fit the profile but your DNA is Amapiano...

A young Caucasian man dancing at a football match
A young Caucasian man dancing at a football match/Instagram Screenshot/@manyafestival

We love how dance and music bring people together. 

There's something honest and pure about that. When people from different backgrounds can come together to enjoy the beat, it truly represents the spirit of South Africa

A young man who got everyone's attention showed off his moves at what looked like a soccer game. As he danced for the crowd of people sitting in the stadium, he broke into the iconic Mnike dance. 

This led to people screaming in excitement. 

He was in his element dancing and was definitely the main act for the evening. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

We love how united everyone was, not to mention how dedicated the young man was to the performance. 

Check out some of the comments. 

  • "From that night on he was forever be known as “white chocolate”
  • "It’s not just the dance, but it’s also the facial expression, the demeanor, and the attitude!"
  • "This just proves that race is only as deep as our skin, it what’s in your heart that mattered"

Interestingly, did you know that the Mnike Dance was created by a young girl from Weston High School in Vredenburg named Rozette Makka?

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Image Courtesy of Instagram 

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