British boy becomes champion seagull impersonator

British boy becomes champion seagull impersonator

Could this be the most ridiculous competition in the world?

A young boy is wearing a penguin costume
A young boy is wearing a penguin costume/YouTube Screenshot/@BBCNews

An unusual video about a 'Seagull Impersonator competition' left Danny Guselli intrigued. 

Not only did this open up the topic of competitions and the absurd nature of some of them, but it also got us thinking about a South African version of the Seagull Impersonator competition. 

A nine-year-old boy from England won Gold in a Seagull Impersonator competition that was held in the Belgian town of De Panne. 

Many competitions could be considered annoying or weird, but all that is subjective. For Cooper's mom, it was something of a fluke finding out about his sort of competition. 

Watch the video of Cooper, the young boy who makes an uncanny impression of a seagull. 

Courtesy of YouTube

The European Championship Screeching competition takes place annually to alter the image of seagulls as they are considered a nuisance to many. 

This got Danny Guselli thinking about a bespoke competition that would change the way many South Africans feel about the obtrusive Hadada. 

Could this be the most annoying competition in the world or would a Hadada Screeching Competition take the win?

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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