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Oblivious truck driver drags car with person inside

Shocking! How is it possible that this truck driver did not know that he'd been involved in an accident?

truck drags car for miles

Intense and pretty disturbing footage is doing the rounds on social media which has many scratching their heads after watching it. 

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The footage shows a car being dragged across a freeway in California by a large trailer with a person inside it. According to Mashable, Brian Steimke, who shot the video, was driving behind the truck and noticed what was going on. He sped up to see the person in the car. Despite all that was happening, the truck driver didn't slow down. 

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Concerned motorists had to work together to get in front of the truck driver in order to signal him to stop.

What's shocking is that the truck driver, who was carrying over 50,000 pounds of carrots, said that he was completely unaware that he was dragging the car across the freeway. The collision occurred when the truck attempted to overtake a slower vehicle, and it ended up clipping the car when it merged into another lane.

Although the driver of the car was not injured, people everywhere (including us) are trying to figure out how the driver failed to realise what was going on?

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