'The UnLearning Lady': Zanele Njapha gets people excited about change

'The UnLearning Lady': Zanele Njapha gets people excited about change

"Build rituals and habits. Willpower is not enough to create transformation" - Zanele Njapha.

Carol Ofori and Zanele Njapha at the East Coast Radio studio
Carol Ofori and Zanele Njapha at the East Coast Radio studio/Supplied

This week, Carol Ofori is celebrating a young woman who is challenging the status quo. 

If you're wondering what that means, she is spearheading the notion that it's okay to change your mind, especially in business. 

Far too often, we are defined by the decisions we make and how they turn out. Obviously, if they don't turn out the way you want them too, there's a stigma of failure attached to it. Change is traditionally not viewed as a positive attribute, but Zanele Njapha is changing that.

Known to her awesome clients as 'The UnLearning Lady', Zanele Njapha is the world's leading voice on using key unlearning principles to help medium to large companies build cultures where instead of being annoyed and frustrated, people are EXCITED about change.

Njapha uses her youthful ideas to challenge the concept of change and we are here for it. 

Zanele is also a Forbes contributor on navigating organisational change, a certified Neuro Coach for transformative leaders, Chair of The UnLearning Children Foundation, award-winning TEDx speaker, and faculty at Duke Corporate Education. 

Interestingly enough, this well-articulated young woman was once a primary school teacher. 

To hear her speak is so welcoming, her ability to win her audience over is probably the reason for her success. That and the fact that she consciously started manifesting her next chapter while she was at the end of her previous one. 

TheUnlearners.com describes what they do as believing in the "power of change to propel growth". Their mission is to equip people with the tools and offer them the guidance to move through this "ever-evolving world with confidence and excitement".

Watch her deliver her TEDx talk on career transitioning, courtesy of YouTube.

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