Would you ask for a baby gift back from a couple that miscarried?

Would you ask for a baby gift back from a couple that miscarried?

Asking for a gift back under any circumstance is inappropriate in our opinion, what do you think?

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When gifting someone a present, you rarely give with the mindset that you want it back.

Of course, there are those moments when sometimes you get such a great gift that you want to keep it for yourself, but don't feel bad, we've all been there. 

But very rarely would you want to ask for something back, especially after the person has gone through something traumatic. 

A woman has taken to Reddit to ask the community if she was being heartless for wanting to ask for an expensive baby gift back from a woman who had a miscarriage. 

Now, firstly, asking for a gift back under any circumstance is a big 'no-no' for us. 

But the fact that she wants to ask for it back from a woman who has gone through something such as miscarriage, is heartless. 

A friend (Jen) of the Reddit poster announced her pregnancy and also shared a baby registry with friends and family. 

The Reddit poster noticed that the baby registry had some expensive gifts but nevertheless, her husband had purchased a gift for $400 (R7,500). 

"A few weeks later Jen had a traumatic miscarriage. I won’t get into the details but she was devastated and the cause of the loss likely means she won’t be able to carry future pregnancies to term. It’s incredibly sad and while I’m not close with Jen, my heart hurt for her.’’ (MSN)

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Some months have passed and she says that they feel uncertain about the necessary course of action to take about the gift.

It seems that because of the price of the gift, the couple feels like the gift should be given to someone else who can use it. 

But you see that's the thing, it's not for them to feel that way. And them talking about it is just unnecessary. 

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