Woman starts unique business with a taste of tradition

Woman starts unique business with a taste of tradition

Just a dose of inspiration as we close out 2023!

Woman selling hot porridge from a shopping cart
Woman selling hot porridge from a shopping cart/Facebook/@Black Capitalist

It can be difficult to stay on the path of self-motivation when you feel uninspired and burnt out. 

But as the saying goes, when you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life. 

A woman reminded us that you don't need a big, fancy business idea to win at business. All you need is passion, love, and some homemade tradition. 

Well, those were the ingredients that helped her start her business. 

Teboho Ntseare started her small, but humble business by going door-to-door selling hot, soft sour porridge. 

"Teboho sets up her mobile trolley stall around the landmarks of Sasol Garage, Eposene, and the Police Station. Between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM, Monday to Saturday, she serves up bowls of her signature porridge for just R13, warming not only bellies but also hearts in the community." (MSN)

It was so inspiring to see how the community came together to share their messages of encouragement and support for Teboho. 

"Department of small business and enterprise needs to assist her very fast in getting equipments to keep her food warmer all the time and other things. I respect and I wish her the best"

"My favorite if I was close by I'd be her number one supporter"

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"In a world that often prioritises profit over purpose, Teboho has chosen to nourish her community with a taste of tradition and a touch of love." (MSN)

Thank you to Teboho for reminding us that when you are passionate about something, you can make a difference. 

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