When you're late to pick up your kid from school

When you're late to pick up your kid from school

Have you ever been late to school pick-up?

A student drop off and pick up area sign at school
A student drop off and pick up area sign at school/iStock/@KaraGrubis

It's almost a month since back to school and we can say that most families have gotten back to their routines. 

But life happens sometimes and you can be late for school drop off or worse, for school pick up. 

Of course, either way it is a bad reflection on both students and parents, but ask yourself this question, would you rather be in trouble with the school for late drop off or your kid/s for late pick up?

One mom found out the hard way that being late to pick up her daughter is worse...

In a video, a mom shows her daughter getting into the car and she is late to pick her up from school. 

Of course, her kid is not happy about mom being late and she takes full advantage to let her mother know how she feels about it all. 

Drop offs and pick ups can be difficult, so it is important to be on time. This not only sits well with school etiquette, but also helps your child, as kids work well with routine. 

Check out some valuable tips on how to make drop offs and pick ups better.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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Image Courtesy of iStock/KaraGrubis

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