What's on the menu for Christmas lunch at the Ofori home?

What's on the menu for Christmas lunch at the Ofori home?

Sounds and feels like Christmas when the family is around...

Carol Ofori and her family pose for Christmas
Carol Ofori and her family pose for Christmas/Instagram Screenshot/@CarolOfori

Carol Ofori is truly a superwoman parenting her kids with her husband and her family still in Johannesburg. 

That takes a lot of courage, not to mention energy. And it takes lots of bravery, because the challenges can sometimes overtake life's breezy moments. 

When she told us that she will be hosting Christmas lunch this year, she had such excitement in her voice and her eyes lit up. 

She chatted with us about her plans for Christmas lunch. 

One of the things we know about her is that she plans great shindigs and therefore we can imagine that Christmas lunch is going to be on point. 

Besides knowing food, she also knows how to host well, and this is why she has decided to work in advance with planning her menu. 

Far too often we find ourselves stuck in the kitchen from dusk till dawn and rarely actually celebrate the day with the family. 

So, make sure to plan your menu well in advance so that you can prepare what you can beforehand. Also, don't be a hero, if someone offers to bring something, welcome it, this way you all get a chance to take a break. 

Anyway, this is what Carol Ofori will be serving at the Ofori household this Christmas. 

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She will be doing a buffet style serving and will include: Lamb Chops, Beef Curry, Grilled Chicken Thighs, Coconut Rice, Mixed Grilled Vegetables, Peppermint Tart, Malva Pudding, Bean Salad, Green Salad, Beetroot Salad, and lots of refreshments. 

Her plan is to have lots of decor to keep the Christmas vibe going. And although they will be having a Christmas Buffet styled lunch, the whole family will be seated at the table together. 

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