What started out as a joke turned into a full-on business

What started out as a joke turned into a full-on business

Anything is possible with a little bit of drive and passion...

What started of as a joke turned into these two brothers opening up their own fast-food joint...

We love starting the week off on a motivational note, and this story certainly checks all the boxes when it comes to giving you that feeling of getting up and achieving your dreams. 

Sometimes dreams come to you in different forms. In this case, it was something as simple as preparing breakfast that got these two brothers revved up in their journey of becoming fast-food business owners. 

Kutlwano Mbele and his brother Katlego Ingwane opened up their restaurant in 2021 called, Saucy Boys. Their fast-food, drive-by restaurant idea started off as a joke, when Mbele cooked breakfast for his brother and himself and posted a pic on Facebook, saying he would be opening up a kitchen soon. 

The post received a lot of attention and it prompted the brothers into actually investing in a food restaurant that serves kotas, fish and chips, and burgers. If you don't know what a kota is, well then, we cannot be friends... just kidding. 

A kota is derived from the word 'quarter' and is simply a quarter loaf of bread that has been hollowed out and filled with a variety of ingredients. Often it includes slap chips, sausage, egg, beef patty, cheese, polony, and atchar. 

The brothers decided to use money from their clothing business, Ska Ti Nyatsa Jeans, to invest in their food business. 

"Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the 26-year-old initially decided to operate his business online. Instead of having customers at the restaurant, they started by taking orders on WhatsApp and waiting in the middle of streets to deliver to drive-by motorists, or deliver to customers by bike." (Business Insider)

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The brothers found that by being located in a high traffic spot they were able to materialise their business, whilst catering for the hungry. The growth of their business shows in that they now have a sit-in area for walk-in customers. 

Mbele admitted that his brother and him were not close growing up, but several things that have happened over the years have pushed them together. He was unable to complete his journalism studies due to a lack of funds, but has embraced his growth as an entrepreneur. 

We are just happy to hear that they took a chance and it is certainly working out for them. Certainly a wonderful motivational Monday story to get you revving and ready to do your thing...

You've got this...

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