What are South Africa's most in-demand toys this year?

What are South Africa's most in-demand toys this year?

Stuffing that Christmas stocking is not going to come cheap this year...

A young child sitting inside a police car SUV
A young child sitting inside a police car SUV/Facebook/@ToysRUs.SouthAfrica

As we are met by freshly decorated malls, we know it's that time of year. 

What time? When we have to think about what our kids will have on their Christmas list...

Of course, it has undeniably been a difficult time for many households. 

So many parents will have to explain to their kids that there won't be anything under the tree this year. 

But if there is a chance that you can treat your kids to toys this year, then Toys R Us has narrowed it down for those looking for stocking stuffers. 

The popular one stop toy shop has made a list of the top 20 most sought-after toys in South Africa. 

The list is definitely great for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends who are looking for options on what to buy their kiddies. 

Scarily, the cheapest item on the list is a Reggie mini car, which costs R199.90. 

The list includes items that encourage stimulative play and are aimed at taking kids away from screen-time. 

"According to the retailer, this years’ top trends list is primarily inspired by hands-on interactive play, pop culture, and pieces that stimulate the imagination." (Business Insider)

You can check out the catalogue of trendy items here

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Of the many items, the prices are quite exorbitant. Some are relative to popular shows like 'Peppa Pig' and 'Paw Patrol'. 

Marketing Manager at Toys R Us Catherine Jacoby said: “The growing ‘kidult’ trend was fuelled by the pandemic, with more adults than ever turning to toys to bring joy and levity into their lives. Toys and games have been a means of escapism for adults and offer a way to reconnect with their own inner child with toys like Funko Pop." (Business Insider)

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