We love this video of the vibe at the Musgrave Market in Durban

We love this video of the vibe at the Musgrave Market in Durban

This is exactly what we needed to see this Thankful Tuesday...

People walking around a flea market in Durban
People walking around a flea market in Durban/Facebook/@themusgravemarket

As we approach the end of January, many of us are feeling the strain of 'Januworry'. 

This month can make you feel the pinch as you recover from the spending and responsibilities of the festive season. 

But just like that, we are always reminded that the simple things in life are usually free. 

One of the iconic markets that has graced Durbanites for decades is The Musgrave Market, or as many know it, Essenwood Flea Market. 

We recently came across a video that was shared on TikTok showing the vibe of the market and we thought it was perfectly fitting for this Thankful Tuesday.

It is a great way to do something over the weekend, without the pressure of having to make a purchase. A perfect thing to do before pay day. 

Have a look at the short video below, courtesy of TikTok


♬ original sound - Live4Life

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The post got people feeling upbeat. Check out some of the comments.  

  • "yessss gal👌💪💃💃💃💃💃💃💃you enjoy life is for enjoyment too much stress in this world"
  • "Great moves"
  • "when I am in Durban I will visit this location"
  • "shes alwsys dancing there is she singers mom or fan because she always in videos"

What was even greater was we saw another video posted by the market with the singer, Ashleigh J, singing a classic by Miriam Makeba and a couple coming out to dance. 

Check it out below, courtesy of TikTok

@themusgravemarket_dbn Thank you so much @Ashleigh J for the beautiful music on Saturday 🎶#SAMA28 #durbantiktok #durbantiktokers #durbanmusic #durbanmusician #musicdurban #tiktokdurban #tiktokdurban❤southafrica🏝 #durbanmarkets #durbanmarket #durbanfleamarket ♬ original sound - Musgrave Market
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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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