We have an update for you on popular soft drink TaB

We have an update for you on popular soft drink TaB

Last year, the Coca-Cola company announced that they would be discontinuing the popular TaB soft drink – but after an outcry from fans, the brand has pushed out it’s termination date to 2022.

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Good news, TaB drinkers! The popular soft drink will live to see another year on the shelves. Last year, in a shock announcement, the Coca-Cola Company announced that they will be discontinuing the brand worldwide, including South Africa, after sixty years on the shelves. The soft drink was meant to be off shelves around the world at the end of last year but, after an outcry from fans of the drink, TaB will remain on sale until 2022.

According to a local spokesperson, TaB is set to gradually retire from shelves by the end of 2022, while also confirming that the drink will no longer be available to purchase in South Africa by the beginning of 2023.

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The Coca-Cola Company famously launched TaB back in 1963 when the brand made history as the company’s first sugar-free cold drink. TaB got its name from its strategy aimed at consumers who wanted to ‘keep tabs’ on their weight.

Last year, Coca-Cola Life, Diet Coke Fiesty Cherry, Sprite Trimonade, and TaB were announced as brands that would be discontinued from the Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio.

Cath Coetzer, Global Head of Innovation and Marketing Operations at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, said that the decision was made in order to focus the brand’s resources somewhere else. “This is not limited to the specific number of products offered by our brand. The purpose is to promote impact and growth,” Cath said. “It keeps following consumers and which brands are ours. It’s very deliberate in deciding what is best for your investment and resources.”

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Kerri Kopp, group director for Diet Coke, Coca-Cola North America adds that “if not for Tab, we wouldn’t have Diet Coke or Coke Zero Sugar. Tab did its job.”

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