#WCW: This December, I learnt about Madam CJ Walker...

#WCW: This December, I learnt about Madam CJ Walker...

A beautifully crafted series inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walker, the first female millionaire in the US. 

This December, I learnt about Madam CJ Walker...my woman crush this Wednesday
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Being a woman has always come with a set of challenges. From fighting for equality to learning how to speak up for yourself, to gender based violence and discrimination. The list goes on and on, but with that list is another parallel list, a list of accomplishments and broken stereotypes, a list of dreams. 

Now that's the list that I have and want to continue associating myself with. The list that breaks that mind limiting belief that we live in a 'man's world'. I choose to believe that we live in a world where everything is attainable, you just have to know how much you want it to create it. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy...

If you're wondering where I got that from, honestly it was touch and go there for a bit, I had forgotten that part of me that pushed for my goals. I had forgotten what it felt like to achieve...

So to answer that question, I got that from my inner voice, I got that from becoming a mother and seeing my son persevere no matter what. 

There is nothing more inspirational and motivational than watching a child. Whether they are crying to get your attention, learning to crawl or taking their first steps, they are life's greatest teachers on 'perseverance'. 

Finding my perseverance is one thing but practicing it and making sure it is my driving force is a whole other task. After watching the popular series 'Maid' on Netflix recently, I searched for similar series and came across 'Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J Walker'. 

Of course, 'Maid' was a difficult watch for me, as being a mother it pulled at chords I didn't even know I had. But it also pushed me to see that we are what we decide. This message resonated strongly in the life of Madam C.J Walker, whose story was not only real, but life-changing. Her gumption and vigour earned her the title of the first female millionaire in America. 

It's one thing to binge watch and feel inspired in the moment, but the true teaching of anything we consume, is to apply the learnings in your own life. So today I wanted to dedicate my woman crush Wednesday post to Madam C.J Walker, a woman who has reminded me that you can follow your moral compass and also smash your goals. 

If there is one thing you chose to watch or read about, it's Madam C.J Walker's life story. The part was played by the amazing Octavia Spencer in the Netflix series. Her whole spirit knocked me into gear. 

Yes, ladies, life is tiring, but when you find your passion, when you find your purpose, and that's outside of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, you push to achieve greatness, because that's what living a fulfilled life is all about. 

Her story taught me that success isn't stagnant, it is ongoing. This December, with only a few days left for 2021, I am happy to announce that I am learning to be a better version of myself everyday. I am choosing to persevere and I am choosing to conquer. 

What are you choosing to do? 

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