WATCH: Young girl who cried after Germany lost at EURO 2020 receives R700k in donations

WATCH: Young girl who cried after Germany lost at EURO 2020 receives R700k in donations

A young German girl is captured on camera crying as Germany lose their match against England at the EURO 2020...

WATCH: German girls receives R700k after English fans cheer as she cries

Football, like many sports, has emotional parts to it. Fans live vicariously through the players, it's not just about the game, it's about what it represents. In a time where many supporters haven't been able to meet and cheer on their teams, the Euro 2020 came as a big excitement for both fans and players. 

We can't imagine it has been easy to play in empty stadiums, without the ambience and the energy that fans bring with them to the sports field. So when we saw this pic of this young German fan, it broke our hearts to see the emotion and genuine sadness she expressed. 

WATCH the footage of her crying and of some English supporters cheering as they saw her crying (courtesy of YouTube): 

When images of the young girl crying were shown on TV, she received abuse from English fans who were both mean and inconsiderate. Just like there is camaraderie in sports, this same quality should also feature with the fans. Kindness to a fellow fan hasn't hurt anyone before. 

And this UK man, Joel, proved that when he started a crowdfunding initiative for this girl. He wanted to show her that not all English fans behaved in this way. Joel received such a great response from all over, people from the UK, Europe, and further afield contributed towards this cause to show they care. 

After eventually finding the family of the little girl, the family revealed that they would like to remain anonymous. They released a statement that read: 

Joel, who set out to raise just £500, said that he fully understood their decision and found it to be a worthy cause. 

This was a clear example of how one act of kindness can literally change the world. Well done to people like Joel for sharing his humanity with the rest of the world. 

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